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Angela Bacon-Kidwell

From the Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2015

by Claire Monneraye

The Ballarat International Foto Biennale is closing on Sunday 20 September. Make sure not to miss some of the highlights of this year’s festival. The Core Program includes 20 exhibitions and more than 200 artists feature in the Fringe Program. There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy.


Pick #1 Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Home by Nightfall

First pick is the deeply moving series Home by Nightfall by American photographer Angela Bacon-Kidwell showing at the Mining Exchange on Lydiard Street.

Photographing the dust, the birds, the stars… things that fly and float, reaching the sky, rising above human beings and their understanding of life. Each photograph in Angela’s compelling series of black and white images alludes to the small answers that might be given to the ‘big’ questions.

Created during the years her father was battling illness, Angela's otherworldly images are like internal landscapes of emotions and thoughts. Symbolising both the last exchanges she had with her father before he died and her relationship with her growing son, Angela’s metaphorical images are perhaps, simply, a sign of the absence of answers. The visual intensity and delicate humility that emerge from Home by Nightfall is a quiet invitation to reflect on our place between dust and stars.

Clarity in the midst of chaos
Hope in the face of despair


 - - -


Angela Bacon-Kidwell lives in Texas and is a painter as well as a photographer. Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, family and surroundings, she attempts to create a waking dream through compelling and often surreal imagery. She graduated from Midwestern State University with a BFA in painting and a minor in photography and is widely exhibited and collected in USA.



- - -


Silence ceased for him in 2011
not a whisper, but a relentless roaring thunder
molding his spirit into mourning

In his misery, a new vaporous malice was brewing
the ringing was a warning
tinnitus and cancer were converging

Every known eradication was pursued
He and I, separated by many miles,
shared a need for solitude
cultivated by lucid country drives

We drove separately through the dark districts of our minds
invariably contemplating what was to come,
a symbiotic transitory landscape emerged
and the thunder soared in 2013

Questions, Answers, Questions, Answers
Questions, Answers, Questions, Answers
Questions, Answers, Questions, Answers
all tedious throbbing answers

How many miles in a life?
What shape is the color grey?
When does an echo become whole?

During the three years of relentless discord,
I created  images of these ambiguous queries
emoting, sensing, seeking

There is a truth in "big" questions with small answers
Clarity in the midst of chaos
Hope in the face of despair

Silence returned for him on May 24, 2014
He was my father


Angela Bacon-Kidwell



All images are © Angela Bacon-Kidwell