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Artist Profile: Andrew Miksys

The Heavy Collective

Over the past ten years Seattle born photographer Andrew Miksys has been documenting the village discos of rural Lithuania. Miksys first visited Lithuania to see family in the 1990’s shortly after the collapse of the USSR. He admits having little interest in going there at the time, but was quickly taken by the people and the atmosphere, recalling an immediate affinity with his ancestral homeland. In 1998 he came back with a Fulbright under his belt and started work on what would later become Disko.

"It seemed like a perfect backdrop to make a series of photographs about young people in Lithuania, a crumbling past and the uncertain future of a new generation together in one room".

We caught up with Andrew to talk about capturing a country in a state of cultural flux, recording the reaction of a new young people born out of a dead empire and the life and demise of the rural disco. For more on Andrew Miksys as well as other interviews, book reviews and articles visit www.theheavycollective.com



All images are copyright of Andrew Miksys