Photo of the Week: Alexander Harding

Photo of the Week - 22.05.15

American artist James Turrell once stated that “light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation”.

While the National Gallery of Australia is currently showing a major retrospective on the American artist who has dedicated his forty year artistic practice to exploring light and while the popular Vivid Festival is opening today in Sydney to celebrate Light and Ideas, our photo of the week is by Connecticut-based artist Alexander Harding.

Since 2010, Harding has worked on a series of photographs titled Visible Light that explore our physical and emotional connections to light. His images reveal ethereal rays of light as sunshine passes through windows, bounces off mirrors, and traverses glass objects. Capturing fleeting moments of time, Harding invites us to stop and contemplate the almost invisible.

selected by Claire Monneraye


Image: Alexander Harding, 10:16 am, 2010. Courtesy and © the artist