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ACP to visit four lucky Australian schools

This November SBS will launch a brand new Learning Hub, housing the very best of their free educational resources whilst providing a unique platform for teachers, schools and students to share their classroom creativity. To help SBS launch this exciting new project and to celebrate Australia’s vast diversity of school communities, the Australian Centre for Photography will run photographic workshops at four diverse, unique and remarkable high school communities across Australia. 

Acclaimed documentary photographer Marco Bok and emerging photo-artist Benjamin Stone-Herbert will teach students to explore composition, light and scale to produce images to feature in SBS's new online gallery, in addition to an exhibition at the Australian Centre for Photography. Using their mobile phones students will discover fun and simple techniques to enhance their individual stories and showcase what their school means to them. Students are encouraged to share their images and their talent online and continue to practise their new photographic skills with today’s most accessible camera, the mobile phone!


For more information on how to nominate your school for this engaging new program from SBS & ACP visit http://www.sbs.com.au/programs/engage/nominateyourschool


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Image courtesy and © Juan Carbonell, 2015.