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The Australian Centre of Photography is undergoing a major transition in line with an ambitious vision for 2017 and beyond. Drawing on its 40-year history as the national authority for photography, the centre will continue to maintain its position, while making strategic changes that will allow it to serve a diverse and growing population and to bring photography to the widest audience possible. 

Following the sale of ACP’s historic Paddington residence, the organisation is finalising plans for its relocation, exploring locations including Western Sydney and the CBD to establish the most appropriate opportunity for delivery of the centre’s new vision.

With this relocation, ACP aims to provide better facilities for exhibitions and education, more public access and greater community engagement. The plan includes new gallery spaces that will allow the presentation of large-scale exhibitions from world-class photographers; a dedicated community gallery, that will stand as a platform for our public programs and outreach activities; and state-of-the-art classroom facilities, to give our students the very best learning experience. 

The Australian Centre of Photography also farewells Director Suzanne Buljan, whose contribution to the centre includes the reinvigoration of the ACP team, the redevelopment of the ACP brand and digital engagement platforms, and the recalibration of the artistic vision for the organisation. 

Board Chair Colin Rockliff wished Suzanne the very best for the future and thanked her for her efforts, saying, “We are delighted for Suzanne and congratulate her on her new role. We all wish to sincerely thank Suzanne for her commitment and dedication to ACP, particularly in this period of change. Suzanne was instrumental in assembling a quality team at ACP, which is her immediate legacy.” 

The ACP Board is now embarking on an international search for a new Director, who will helm the centre’s transition and bring with them a slew of fresh ideas, contacts and skills. It’s an exciting time of development for ACP and one that promises to result in a dynamic centre for photography and a national resource of note.  

During this search period the ACP has appointed Catherine Baldwin as Acting Director to guide and mentor the ACP team during this exciting, although challenging, transition of ACP. 

Catherine Baldwin is a highly experienced senior executive in arts and culture, financial services, public policy and philanthropy. Catherine has overseen transformations and growth in pursuit of improved public outcomes and from 2010 to 2014 she was Executive Director of Bangarra Dance Theatre, Australia's premier Indigenous performing arts company. Catherine has worked in a range of arts management positions including Government roles for the Australia Council for the Arts and as the Chair of advisory committees for Arts NSW, as well as, leadership roles in philanthropy most recently as the Chair of the Transfield Foundation 2010 to 2015.

ACP will be releasing further details as plans evolve over the next few months.