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ACP goes under the hammer

Last week ACP announced plans to move to a more accessible building and location in 2015. Our Paddington property has served us well but we are now in need of a space that allows us to genuinely perform our role as a national centre for photography. We are excited about this opportunity to expand our audience, the reach of our programs and the exposure of our artists, though we will miss the stylish streets of Paddington and the wonderful businesses that make it so special.   

We will share our experiences and updates on the big move in this blog and hope you will join us as we seek a new accessible home for photography, and strive to cement photography's relevance to current and future audiences. 

ACP's Paddington Property goes under the hammer 1st October. 


Image credits:

ACP © c. 1980s, courtesy the artist

ACP © 2014, courtesy the Colliers International