ACP gets mobile to share mobile phone photography

On Thursday 15 October ACP and SBS set out to Murray High School in Albury, NSW, to document this extraordinary school and deliver a photographic workshop to 30 of its students.

Using their school as inspiration, students produced images that illustrate what their school means to them incoporating light, shadow, composition and angles of view into their photographs. Students then put their ‘critical eye’ to good use, editing and selecting images for submission online via Instagram.

The workshop was a huge success thanks to the tireless work of ACP tutors Marco Bok and Benjamin Stone-Herbert and SBS team member Emily Franke. Murray High School’s stunning photographs can viewed via #murrayschoolselfie on Instagram. Congratulations to all students involved on producing such passionate and interesting images.

Thanks again to Murray High School for having us visit and for allowing us to share our passion for photography with the student body. We look forward to sharing this project with schools across Australia when SBS’ new online learning hub launches on November 16 2015.


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Images left to right and top to bottom:

Image 1 courtesy and © @joshua_burles, 2015.

Image 2 courtesy and © Chelsea Jefferson, 2015.

Image 3 courtesy and © @sarahkayla18, 2015.

Image 4 courtesy and © @pkhrl, 2015.

Image 5 courtesy and © @amyhanel, 2015.