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ACP at Alexandria Park Community School

ACP has teamed up with the Sydney Story Factory and Flashpoint Labs to run story-telling workshops at Alexandria Park Community School to years 5, 6 & 7 students. Through photography and creative writing the 'See My Story' project allows students to uncover visual and literary story-telling properties, using these new skills to present one cohesive narrative/work for exhibition. 

The project consist of three workshops, starting with a creative writing lesson from the incredible team from the Sydney Story Factory. The second workshop takes the beginning of these stories and turns them into visual representations. In partnership with social enterprise Flashpoint Labs, ACP presents a photography session exploring composition, light and point of view, culminating in a photoshoot at school as students work in pairs to express their story visually. The final workshop will look at editing and presentation of the overall piece, as students match words with their final image to create one unique artwork. 

By pairing writing with photography students learn the importance of critical thinking and self expression, whilst developing a basic understanding of the construction of visual language. Through these workshops we aim to deepen student engagement with story-telling and ultimately produce creative and expressive works that students can share with friends and family. To date students have created wonderfully original work to accompany their written pieces in their exhibition and we have enjoyed seeing students engage, with such gusto, with photography.

We have been blown away by the confidence and self-reflection of these young creatives in addition to their positive attitude and their ability to embrace ACP and these workshops.

This exciting pilot project will wrap up in December with an exhibition of students' photographs alongside their short stories onsite at Alexandria Park Community School.  

Thank you to the devoted group of volunteers who have been involved in delivery of this project, allowing for one-on-one encouragement in all aspects of the workshops. A big thank you to our partners Flashpoint Labs and Sydney Story Factory as well as Alexandria Park Community School for making this project possible.


Project partners

The Sydney Story Factory:

The Sydney Story Factory is a non-for-profit creative writing centre for marginalised young people in Redfern, Sydney. Trained volunteer tutors offer free help to write their stories.



Flashpoint Labs:

Flashpoint Labs is a social enterprise empowering young people from diverse backgrounds through photography. Flashpoint runs a corporate photography service as well as a training academy that provides changemaking photography programs.




Images top to bottom:

Image 1 courtesy and © ACP, 2015.

Image 2 courtesy and © Flashpoint Labs, 2015.

Image 3 courtesy and © ACP, 2015.

Image 4 courtesy and © ACP, 2015.