A Passionate Affair: Fashion Meets Photography
SCCI Keynote Presented by William Ewing
(Wednesday 10 April, 6.00-10.00pm at Museum of Sydney)
William Ewing, esteemed curator, author and photography specialist, join's Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas' (SCCI) international lineup with A Passionate Affair: Fashion Meets Photography. From the stylised illustrations of 19th-century fashion plates to 20th-century society photographs, Ewing draws on the career of American artist Edward Steichen (1879-1973), among other stars of fashion photography.
Ewing's two recent monographs foreground the artist's achievements in this space: Edward Steichen: Lives in Photography and Edward Steichen: In High Fashion, the Condé Nast Years. Generally credited with developing studio fashion photography as we know it today, in 1900 Steichen was credited with "not being satisfied showing us how a person looks, but how he thinks a person should look." This quality, coupled with precision in lighting and experimental compositions, established an impressive legacy that continues to influence photography, fashion itself and more expansively the publishing world at large.
More information: https://www.scci.org.au/event/photography-and-fashion-keynote-scci-fashion-hub-2019/