Aski Earth Terre Yarta: Meryl McMaster & James Tylor - Teaching & Learning Resource

In Aski Earth Terre Yarta two Indigenous artists, one Canadian and the other Australian, communicate their connection to Country, aski and yarta respectively, and the influences of European colonisation. Over 2018 and 2019, Meryl McMaster and James Tylor were ‘In dialogue’ exchanging their views on their contemporary experience of place, and an arts practice that responds to diverse heritages and histories.

This 'In dialogue' is in English and French, with additional poems and songs in Plains Cree and Kaurna. This learning resource is closely aligned with the Australian Curriculum:

      • The Arts: Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts
      • Humanities and Social Science: History, Geography, Civic and Citizenship, ATSI Histories and Culture
      • Languages: Indigenous, French
      • English: Literature


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    Installation view of James Tylor's Turalayinthi Yarta series (2017, 2019) at the ACP Project Space Gallery, 2019. Courtesy and © Michael Waite/ACP