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11 April - 7 June 2015

Writing the Landscape explores the nature of place as biographical inscription. It shows stunning landscapes from Australia and the Middle East that are tribally, ethically, religiously and politically deeply carved.

Revealing their interlaced narratives, Phillip George interrogates the role of landscape in the construction of national identity and formation of global and local collective memories. Landscapes are examined and considered as a form of codified history, from the viewpoint of personal experience – a short historic time frame, and from the formal public institution perspective – a longer archaeological time frame. Here, both time frames are seen to operate simultaneously.

The exhibition places the Australian landscape tradition into an international and national context and, in the example of Gallipoli, locates an aspect of Australia’s identity in a foreign place. Writing the Landscape shows that all land has multiple layers of conflict, heritage and politics deeply embedded, connecting us all with a global experience of shared history.