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The Sensualists - Montalbetti and Campbell

27 November – 23 January 2010


If Botticelli were alive today he'd be working for Vogue – Peter Ustinov

In a lush, immersive feast for the senses the creative duo of Denis Montalbetti and Gay Campbell present a stunning array of personal and commissioned work. With a taste for the baroque their images are marked by a rich visual complexity subtly laced with a darker sensuality. In this exhibition the works are staged in a series of installations styled by Cassandra Scott-Finn, creating a fairytale journey through the imagination of two of Australia's most celebrated photographers.

Multi-award-winning masters of the studio and of postproduction, Montalbetti and Campbell harness the full potential of digital technology to create images with a nonetheless timeless quality. With a practice that spans commercial editorial and fine art, they remind us that many of the artists of the past created their greatest works to commission and for a purpose.