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Stephen Dupont – The Outside Land

20 June – 16 August 2015

The Outside Land culminates a significant period of research focused on documenting the processes of change and increasing detribalisation in Papua New Guinea.

As a 2010 recipient of the Robert Gardner Fellowship in Photography from Harvard University, Stephen Dupont has been afforded the opportunity to spend prolonged periods of time travelling throughout the country, from its most isolated mountainous regions to its most urbanised and poverty-afflicted settlements. Such an investment in time and place allows Dupont’s lens to transcend the most immediate allure of tribal exoticisation, and instead enables a more nuanced reflection on the lives lived within the more populous environments.

With images spanning back to 2004, but largely produced in 2011, the survey of selected works presents an empathetic perspective upon the natural beauty and infrastructural decay of Australia’s nearest international neighbour.