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Social Gallery: Burnout
Simon Davidson

28 August - 26 October 2015


Over recent decades, Simon Davidson has become recognised as one of Australia’s leading photographers. Self-taught, he began his photographic career working in a monochrome darkroom back when photography was 100% analogue. From there he established a base in New York, then Los Angeles, to assist fashion and portrait photographers. He returned to Australia to further hone his technical skills before shooting full-time in 2002.


Since then Davidson has developed a comprehensive portfolio of personal work that includes solo and group shows and many private commissions. His personal work has been published around the world and has been featured extensively in leading national and global publications and online platforms. While his work is distinguished internationally across a broad spectrum of genres, his primary love is photographing car culture.


Davidson understands cars in a way that few others do; a car is not simply a conveyance, but a statement of identity, a commentary on not just who you are but who you aspire to be. Davidson's approach to this subject is founded on a deep understanding of the culture and its creators and disciples. As a photographer, he is dedicated to much more than just speed and adrenalin: he is looking to capture the essence of the culture, rather than the simple enthusiasms of its rev-head adherents. With his Burnout series he acknowledges beauty where it’s not immediately obvious. He finds expression in a car spinning its rear wheels with the single purpose of destruction. His images are superbly composed contemplations of the moment. Slices in time that hold the gaze with car, driver and movement balanced in an ideal expression of contemporary art.


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Image 1: Simon Davidson, LITMUP from the series Burnout. Courtesy and © the artist.
Image 2: 
Simon Davidson, Candy apple from the series Burnout. Courtesy and © the artist.
Image 3: 
Simon Davidson, Purple loader from the series Burnout. Courtesy and © the artist.