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International Projects: New Worlds

The Museum of Photography, Seoul, Republic of Korea


28 August - 26 September 2011


For many centuries, Australia was a land that had been anticipated but not yet visited by world explorers. Today Australia is a multicultural society where artists embrace the most contemporary digital media with the same innovative imagination as did their forebears when dreaming of what Terra Australis might be like.

Building on the sensibility for the melding of new and old in an innovative way, New Worlds presents the work of 6 Australian photomedia artists who all seek to travel beyond the known world of the real. Explorers of the psyche, they do not just create an image but a new world, complete and coherent in all its aspects. Curated by ACP for the Museum of Photography, Seoul, New Worlds marked the Year of Friendship between Australia and the Republic of Korea.

It featured the works of Catherine Nelson, Polixeni Papapetrou, Bronek Kozka, Gerard O’Connor & Marc Wasiak and Alexia Sinclair.



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Image 1: MareebaWet, Catherine Nelson, Courtesy and © the artist, 2010.

Image 2: The Best Years of Our Lives, Bronek Kozka, Courtesy and © the artist, 2008.

Image 3: The Battle, Gerard O’Connor, Courtesy and © the artist, 2010.

Image 4: The Debutants, Polixeni Papapetrou, Courtesy and © the artist, 2009.

Image 5: Marquis de Sade (1740-1814), Alexia Sinclair, Courtesy and © the artist, 2010.