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Jodi Bieber - Between Darkness & Light: Selected works from South Africa 1994-2011

30 August - 26 October 2014


South African photojournalist and World Press Photo of the Year award winner Jodi Bieber’s first solo show in Australia will focus on Johannesburg youth growing up on the fringes of South African society after the country’s first democratic elections, contrasted with a celebration and a portrait of life in Soweto.

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of democracy in South Africa, an achievement not to be undervalued. Award-winning South African photographer Jodi Bieber has spent the last two decades documenting South Africa’s transition from a country of apartheid to the lasting legacy of Nelson Mandela. This exhibition is curated from two of her outstanding series – Between Dogs and Wolves: Growing up with South Africa and Soweto. With the first body of work, Bieber takes us into one of the toughest neighbourhoods of Johannesburg in a series that ultimately deals with the loss of innocence and the instinct for survival. Soweto is an open-ended photo-essay that is both a celebration and a portrait of life in Soweto today, capturing its transformation from one of the poorest townships into a thriving part of Johannesburg where people make the most of their lives. Together, the series show where South Africa has come from and where it is heading.


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