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Eniac Martínez - Camino Real de Tierra Adentro

29 January – 6 March 2010


El Camino Real (The Royal Road) was established by Spanish explorers 400 years ago as they ventured northward to claim land and riches for the King of Spain. Since then revolutionary wars, invasions and insurgencies have been played out on its length. Stretching 3000km from Veracruz to Mexico City and on up to Santa Fe, it crosses mountains, jungles and deserts; modern and traditional, rich and poor communities; Spanish, Indigenous, Mexican and Anglo American cultures.

Through the metaphor of El Camino Real documentary photographer Eniac Martínez traverses Mexico's historical, political and social landscape. Lyrical and evocative, his panoramic images are a road trip through the absurdities and extravagances as well as the complex realities of contemporary Mexican life.

Born in Mexico City in 1959, Eniac Martínez is one of the pre-eminent Mexican documentary photographers alive today. His work has been featured in solo and collective exhibitions around the world.