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Bronek Kozka - Memory, Myth and the ¼ Acre Block

12 – 25 September 2011


Memory can play tricks on the mind. When flipping through family albums do you find yourself remembering the actual event or is the captured image so fixed in your mind that it is the photograph you remember rather than the event itself? Melbourne photographer Bronek Kozka plays with the ambiguity of memory through carefully staged tableaux of recreated memories that may be his, or not. Echoing the early period of his childhood, his images inhabit the liminal space between conscious recollection and subconscious impression. 

Often set in the ubiquitous Australian suburbia, the images have a hyper-real quality. There is uncertainty in the images between whether it is night or day, dream or reality and filmic references are utilised to produce a dark and at times dissolute mood. They bring to the surface the tensions that strain beneath the apparent comfortableness of domestic life. While the images may depict a single moment, they draw us into a sense of narrative; of what happened before and what will happen next.