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For both the beginner and the pro, ACP's Sydney-based photography courses have something for everyone. Whether you're interested in studio lighting, photoshop, street photography or darkroom practices, our facilities and educators can help you reach your photographic potential.
The Alchemists Catalogue
The Alchemists: Rediscovering Photography in the Age of the Jpeg exhibition considers the possibility of a new, hybrid form of photography – one that takes in old and new technology and contemporary ideas. Download a free copy of The Alchemists catalogue, featuring an essay by curators Dr Martyn Jolly, Cherine Fahd and Suzanne Buljan about the exhibition's premise and the future of our favourite medium.                      
Photo Social is a space for those who love photography. We have asked contributors from across Australia to offer their views and diverse knowledge on photography – its discourse, practice and contemplation. Blogs include Photo of the Week, Australia Now and News from ACP.
Kimberly Grounds
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